Why can't I connect to WhatsApp?

Usually, this is caused by a problem with your internet connection or the settings on your phone.

Please try these steps to fix your connection:

  • Reboot your phone (power off, power on).
  • Update WhatsApp to the latest version. Go to our website and press Download Now - once the download is complete, open the file to initiate installation.
  • Turn Airplane mode on and off (Android Settings > Wireless & networks > More... > Airplane mode).
  • Make sure that data is enabled (Android Settings > Data usage > Cellular data).
  • Go to Android Settings > Data usage > Menu Button > make sure Restrict background data is unchecked.
  • Turn Wi-Fi off and back on (Android Settings > Wi-Fi).
  • Try connecting to different Wi-Fi hotspots.
  • If you are often connected to Wi-Fi, check your Wi-Fi sleep policy (Android Settings > Wi-Fi > Menu Button > Advanced > Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep) and make sure it is set to "Always."
  • Reboot your Wi-Fi Router.
  • Contact your mobile provider and make sure your APN settings are configured correctly.
  • Verify that you receive your Google mail emails on time.
  • Delete and reinstall WhatsApp (Note: This will erase your chat history. Be sure to run a manual backup beforehand by going to WhatsApp > Menu Button > Settings > Chats and calls > Back up chats or Chat backup > Back Up).
  • Upgrade your Android OS to the latest version available for your device.

If you are able to connect on Wi-Fi but not on your mobile connection (EDGE/2G/3G/4G), double check your APN configuration with your mobile provider. You must be able to send and receive non-web traffic in order to use WhatsApp.

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WhatsApp Support Team