Why can't WhatsApp connect over this Wi-Fi?

When WhatsApp reports that you are unable to connect over a specific Wi-Fi connection, it is likely that you are on a captive Wi-Fi network.

Captive Wi-Fi hotspots often require you to log in before being able to connect to the internet. If you are on a captive Wi-Fi, you have 2 choices:

  1. Disconnect from the Wi-Fi and use your mobile internet connection.
  2. Log into the Wi-Fi network. This can usually be accomplished by opening the browser on your phone and navigating to your home page.

If you are logged into the system, and are still having trouble, please either disconnect from the Wi-Fi (and Forget the connection in your Wi-Fi settings), or contact the system administrator to make sure that secure connections are possible through that Wi-Fi hotspot.

Note: WhatsApp does not support proxy connections.

For more possible solutions to connection issues, see this article.

WhatsApp Support Team