Why can't I change my phone number?

If you are experiencing issues verifying your new number during the Change Number process, please read here.

If you are experiencing other Change Number problems, make sure that:

  • The phone number you input in the old phone number box is currently verified on your WhatsApp account (WhatsApp > Menu Button > Settings > Account > Payment info). If not, please first verify WhatsApp with the old phone number before you attempt to change your number again.
  • You have an active and working SIM card for the new number you wish to use with WhatsApp (the phone number you input in the new phone number box).
  • You have a strong and stable Internet connection. See connection troubleshooting steps here.
  • Your phone has sufficient internal storage or a microSD card.

Note: If you are changing your number because you are trying to recover your chat history, make sure that the WhatsApp account you received messages to has not yet been deleted. If it has, you will not be able to recover any chat history associated with that account.

WhatsApp Support Team