Which BlackBerry 10 devices are supported?

WhatsApp is available for your BlackBerry 10 smartphone in BlackBerry World. In order to install and use WhatsApp on BlackBerry 10, you will need to have the BlackBerry 10 Software Release or later, otherwise known as BB OS Version, for your BlackBerry device.

You can check your BB OS version in your smartphone's settings:
System Settings > About > Category : General > Software Release.

If your BB OS version is less than, you will need to wait for a software update from your mobile provider. Generally, your mobile service provider is responsible for releasing device updates for your BlackBerry 10 phone. To update manually from your smartphone's settings:

  1. Open System Settings > Software Update.
  2. Tap Check for updates.

Note: Only official BlackBerry 10 Software Releases are supported. Pre-release and developer versions may be incompatible with WhatsApp.

Troubleshooting installation problems

If your BB OS is supported, but you still can't install/update WhatsApp from BlackBerry World, please try the following troubleshooting steps:

  1. Delete WhatsApp (if already installed).
  2. Open BlackBerry World.
  3. Swipe down from the top of the screen, then go to Settings > General > Refresh BlackBerry World.
  4. Turn off your smartphone for 30 seconds. Then turn it back on.
  5. Check your smartphone's connection. For troubleshooting assistance, read this article.
  6. Make sure you are able to install other applications from BlackBerry World.
  7. Install WhatsApp again.

WhatsApp Beta

WhatsApp Beta is the experimental version of WhatsApp. This Beta version is available on BlackBerry’s Beta Zone, an application that provides BlackBerry 10 users with many Beta products designed specifically for their smartphones.

WhatsApp Beta usually contains many fixes and improvements that don’t yet exist in the current version of WhatsApp in BlackBerry World.

If you wish to install WhatsApp Beta:

  1. Install Beta Zone from BlackBerry World.
  2. Open Beta Zone > Select WhatsApp if you see it under the tab Available.
  3. Tap Upgrade.

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WhatsApp Support Team