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Whatsapp for meego

The official version of Whatsapp for meego platform doesn't exist. But you can find and download a shortened version for those who are still using this system. For example, download whatsapp for meego 1.2 or download whatsapp for meego 1.2 harmattan n9. But this software will not be working correctly.

You can only send text messages. No video calls or picture messages, no ability to attach a photo or other file. Communication is available only in the existed groups, you can't create a new one.

Though it's a very limited version, it's worth downloading. At least not to spend money on sms.

Not so many programs are available for meego nowadays. Download the program from the web browser on your device. Just enter "download whatsapp for meego (and specify model)".

After the software starts to install, you will need to enter a code which will be sent to your mobile phone via sms. Confirm it and you can start using Whatsapp. The official version of the messenger for meego is not going to be developed.