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Whatsapp for Apple Ipad

Whatsapp for iPads and iPads mini is not yet developed officially. You can not download and install this app from the App Store. Here are some instructions for downloading and installing Whatsapp on ipad.

* To get started, download iFunBox program. It can be easily downloaded from official website.

* Launch iTunes and download Whatsapp Mesenger from the App Store . 
* Move the file in ipa format to your desktop.
* Connect iPad to your PC or laptop. Run IFunBox.
* Open the program, click "upload from the App Store", and chose the IPA file on your desktop.
* Iphone will need to have the program installed. Open the software, activate it by using the SMS code received on your Iphone.
* Connect your iPhone to a PC. Don't forget that it should have software already installed on it.
* Now run IFunBox and choose the phone with User Application.
* Copy the Documents and Library to your desktop.
* Connect the ipad with installed Whatsapp to your PC. Disconnect iPhone from PC.
* In iFunBox on your tablet do the same as you did on iphone.
* Then delete Documents and Library, and copy the files previously moved to desktop into this direction.
* Open Whatsapp.