What payment options do I have?

There are two payment options available in the latest version of WhatsApp:

If you want to learn how a friend can pay for you, please read the How do I use Pay for a Friend? article.

Google Wallet

You can pay in Google Wallet using carrier billing, a credit, debit or gift card, or PayPal. Once you start the payment process in Google Wallet, the available options will be displayed.

Google Wallet with carrier billing

Carrier billing is only supported for certain carriers. Please check this Google website to see whether your carrier is supported. If your carrier is supported, but you still cannot pay, please read the carrier billing troubleshooting section on that same page for the requirements you need to fulfill to use carrier billing.

Google Wallet with cards

If you want to pay for your WhatsApp subscription using a credit card/debit card/gift card but don't know how, read this information about changing your payment information in Google Wallet. Please check the Google website that lists the accepted payment methods, if you are not sure whether your card is accepted.

Note: Not all payment options are supported in all countries.

Google Wallet with PayPal

If you want to use PayPal to pay for your WhatsApp subscription, please select Google Wallet from the Payment info screen. From the in-app pop up, click Continue, and on the next screen you can then select PayPal from the payment options dropdown.

If you have issues related to your PayPal payment, please click on one of the following links for help:

  • United States
  • United Kingdom
  • Other countries - please select your country and then "Help".

Note: If you want to know which payment methods are supported in your country, please check the Payment methods listed in your local PayPal Help Center.

Send Payment URL

Send Payment URL allows you to send an email to yourself or a friend who wishes to pay for you.

The link contains an address that allows you to pay for your phone number through PayPal.

The main advantages in using the link are the ability to pay on your PC and the option of having a friend to pay for you. Your friend does not need any access to your mobile phone. Passwords and credit card information are not saved on your phone.

Note: The generated link is unique to your phone number; use only this generated link to pay the subscription fee.

If you experience any problems with your payment, read this article.

WhatsApp Support Team