What happens when I block someone?

When you block people on WhatsApp, you will no longer receive WhatsApp messages or calls from them.

In more detail, here is what happens when you block someone

  • WhatsApp messages sent by a blocked contact will not show up on your phone and will never be delivered to you. Learn how to block/unblock a contact on: Android | iPhone | Windows Phone | Nokia S40 | BlackBerry | Nokia S60 | BlackBerry 10
  • Your last seen and online information will no longer be visible to contacts you have blocked. More details about last seen and online can be found here.
  • Your status message updates will not be visible to any blocked contacts. Learn more about the status message feature here.
  • Any changes made to your profile picture will no longer be visible to contacts you have blocked.
  • You will not be able to call or send messages to a blocked contact until you unblock them.

However, there is one important feature blocking does not change

  • Blocking someone will not remove this contact from your WhatsApp list, nor will it remove you from the list on this contact's phone. To delete a contact in WhatsApp, you must delete the contact from your phone's address book.

If you unblock a contact, you will not receive any calls or messages that person sent you during the time they were blocked.

If you are concerned whether a blocked contact will know if you are blocking them, please see this article.

WhatsApp Support Team