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Watsapp for bada

Bada users can easily install Whatsapp. You will need internet access and a working SIM card. To download the famous messenger, search the internet for: "download Whatsapp for Samsung" or "free download Whatsapp for bada" (in this case, specify a particular model). Many online sites offer downloading this app for free.

When setting Whatsapp enter your phone number. An activation code will be sent via SMS. After confirming, Watsapp will be successfully installed.

There are versions for bada 2.0, 1.2, and it's also working on wave 525 model.

You will get the opportunity to send free text messages, but you can't attach files. Contacts from your phonebook will be automatically transfered to the messenger. Remember that you will be able to communicate only with people who have  whatsapp installed on their phone.

The application is so popular that almost every user of modern technologies is registered at whatsapp. So you will have plenty of friends to chat.