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How to install whatsapp

If you install Whatsapp you no longer need to pay to send SMS and MMS. With this application sending messages, attaching photos, pictures, links and other are available for free. Contacts from your phonebook  will be displayed in your list. Communication is realized like a chat.

One important advantage is that there is no characters limit, it's possible to send long messages. So you'll always stay in touch with your friends. To do this, your phone must have access to the internet or wi-fi. You will learn how to install Whatsapp on a tablet, phone, ipad, android and other devices after you download this software. Follow the instructions, it's not difficult. To install the software, you must provide a mobile phone number.

You will get SMS with an activation code to confirm. After confirming it the installation of Whatsapp will be completed. The application is so popular that you can easily keep in touch with colleagues, family and friends.

Whatsapp installation on the tablet, notebook, ipad and computer is very fast and nice.