I see the wrong message count on my homescreen. How do I fix this?

An incorrect badge count on WhatsApp is usually caused by an issue with your phone. Please try these troubleshooting steps:

  • Ask your friend to send you a new WhatsApp message. This will automatically refresh the message count.
  • Tap and hold on the WhatsApp icon and drag it to the delete icon (mostly located on the top of the screen), then drag a new icon out of your app drawer.
  • Uninstall WhatsApp. Go to Settings > Application manager or Apps > All > BadgeProvider or your notification count app, tap Clear Data, then re-install WhatsApp.
  • Go to Settings > Developer options and uncheck Do not keep activities. If you do not have developer options, skip this.
  • Go to Settings > Application manager or Apps > All > WhatsApp and tap Clear Data. You will have to reverify your phone number.

Notifications badge count is a functionality provided by your launcher and is not a function of WhatsApp. If you continue to experience issues, please contact your device manufacturer.

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WhatsApp Support Team