I have a new Android phone and a new SIM card. How can I use my old WhatsApp account?

If you have verified a new number in your new phone, but wish to continue using you old WhatsApp account, you can change your number from within WhatsApp. Start the Change Number process from your old phone, then complete it by verifying the number you want to use with WhatsApp in your new phone.

Note: Be aware that the Change Number process does not automatically transfer your chat history or media to your new phone. To learn how you can manually transfer your chat history to your new Android phone, please read this article.


There are two basic requirements to successfully use the Change Number feature:

  1. The number you wish to use (the number you will change your account to) is able to receive SMS and/or calls and has an active data connection. This is the number that you need to enter later into the new phone number box.
  2. You have identified the number currently verified with your WhatsApp account. To find this number, go to WhatsApp Settings > Account > Payment info. This is the number that you need to enter later into the old phone number box.

Changing your phone number

If you satisfy both requirements, make sure your new SIM card is activated in a phone you wish to use, then follow these steps:

  1. On the old phone:

    1. Open WhatsApp.
    2. Go to WhatsApp Settings > Account > Change number.
    3. Enter the number currently verified on WhatsApp in the old phone number box.
    4. Enter the number you want to use in the new phone number box.
    5. Complete the verification process.
    6. Create a manual backup by going to WhatsApp Settings > Chats and calls > Back up chats or Chat backup.
  2. On the new phone:

    1. Transfer your chat history from your old to your new phone. Learn how here.
    2. Open WhatsApp.
    3. Verify the number you want to use with WhatsApp.

After changing your number

Once you have completed the Change Number process:

  • Your profile photo will be moved to the new number.
  • You will retain ownership and membership of all your groups.
  • Your old WhatsApp account associated with the old phone number will be deleted.

WhatsApp Support Team