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How do I use Voice Messaging?

Voice Messaging allows you to instantly communicate with a contact or group chat. It provides an enriching chat experience, and you can count on it to deliver important and time-sensitive messages. As such, all Voice Messages are downloaded automatically.

Sending a Voice Message

To send a Voice Message, simply hold down on the space key of the keyboard. On full touchscreen phones, tap and hold the text entry box.


To cancel sending the Voice Message, press and hold the end key before the message finishes uploading.

A really cool and innovative feature of Voice Messaging is that when your Voice Message has been played on the recipient's phone, the microphone icon will turn blue.


Receiving a Voice Message

After you receive a Voice Message, click the play button to listen. Voice Messages play through your phone's speakerphone. To have a message play through your phone's speaker instead, play the audio then press the button and select Activate Handset.


The microphone next to the messages that you have not listened to will be green:


The microphone next to the messages that you have listened to will be blue:


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