How do I use a Broadcast List for Nokia s60?

With the Broadcast List feature you can send a message to several of your friends at once.

Broadcast Lists are saved lists of message recipients that you can repeatedly send broadcast messages to, without having to select them each time.

Creating a Broadcast List

  1. Open WhatsApp and go to the Chats screen.
  2. Select Options and then select Broadcast Lists.
  3. Select (+) at the bottom of the screen or Options > New List.
  4. Type your contacts' names or press the (+) button to choose from your contact list.
  5. Tap Create list.

This will create a new Broadcast List. When you send a message to the Broadcast List, it will send to all recipients in the list. The recipients will receive the message as a normal message. When they reply, it will appear as a normal message in your Chats screen; their reply will not be sent to other recipients in the Broadcast List.

Note: Only contacts who have added you to their address book will receive your broadcast message. If your recipients are not getting your broadcast messages, check to make sure they have added your number to their address book. Broadcast Lists are a one-to-many communication. If you want your recipients to participate in a group conversation, you should create a Group Chat instead.

Editing a Broadcast List

  1. Open your Broadcast Lists.
  2. Long press on the list you want to edit, or highlight the list and press Options.
  3. You can edit the name of your list by clicking Name list, or you can remove and add recipients to your list by clicking List info.

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WhatsApp Support Team