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How do I send media or contacts?

To send media

  1. Open a chat with a person or group.
  2. Select Options or tap on the Paperclip icon located in the upper right corner of your screen if you have a touch screen phone.
  3. Choose the type of media you wish to send.

    • Send Photo, Send Video or Send Audio allows you to send an existing media file.
    • Camera allows you to create a new media file using your phone's camera.
    • Send Contact allows you to send the information of a contact saved in your phone's address book over WhatsApp.

At this time, you cannot send your location on WhatsApp with S40 devices.

To forward media or messages

If you wish to forward media or messages, you can highlight the media or message and then:

  1. On physical keyboard phones:
    Select Options > Forward to send it to one of your contacts or groups.
  2. On touch screen phones:
    Long press on the highlighted media and select Forward.

Note: When you forward a media file, the file does not upload again. This helps you use less data.

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