How do I send media, contacts, or location for BlackBerry?

To send multimedia over WhatsApp

  1. Open a chat.
  2. Press the button.
  3. Select the type of media you wish to send.
  • After selecting Send Picture, Send Video or Send Audio you will have the option to either record the media or choose an existing file. You can add a caption to any photos or videos before sending them.
  • Send Contact allows you to send the information of a contact saved in your phone's address book over WhatsApp.
  • Send Location allows you to share your current location. You can choose from nearby places or send your exact location.

To send a Voice Message

To send a Voice Message, press and hold the space bar of the keyboard. Learn more about voice messages in this FAQ article.

To send audio or mp3 files

  1. Go to the main BlackBerry screen and open your phone's Media folder.
  2. Find the file in your music folder and select it.
  3. Press the How do I send media, contacts, or location for BlackBerry? button and select Send > WhatsApp Contact.

If there is no Send option, it is likely that your music is forward locked. Look at the properties of the music to double check. Unfortunately, WhatsApp can not send audio that is forward locked.

Forwarding a message or media

If you wish to forward media or a message, you can highlight the media or message and press the f key on your keyboard to send it to one of your contacts or groups.

If there is media that you wish to send from your phone that is not appearing when you try to choose it from the app, first make sure you have the media saved in your Media Folder, then open WhatsApp, and it should be available in the dialogue presented.

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WhatsApp Support Team