How do I move my chat history over to my new BlackBerry 10 smartphone?

Currently, the two possible ways to transfer your chat history from your old BlackBerry 10 smartphone to the new one are:

  1. BlackBerry Link (Recommended)
  2. Manual Transfer

Note: You cannot restore chat history from any other phone type to a BlackBerry 10 smartphone, or from a BlackBerry 10 smartphone to another phone type.

BlackBerry Link

The recommended approach to transfer your backup files for your chat history is to use BlackBerry Link as follows:

  1. Download BlackBerry Link from here on your PC or your Mac.
  2. Read the BlackBerry Link user guide about the backup and restore process here.
  3. Back up your old device using BlackBerry Link.
  4. Restore the backups of the old device into the new device using Blackberry Link.

Manual Transfer

Another approach to transfer the backup files for your chat history manually is as follows:

  1. Back up your chats on your old phone. Go to WhatsApp > Application Menu > How do I move my chat history over to my new BlackBerry 10 smartphone?Settings > Media settings > Backup conversations.
  2. To transfer your backup file from your old phone onto a media card or any other storage available (Cloud Storage for example), you will need to use the File Manager on your phone. Copy the backup folder on the path misc/whatsapp/backup folder from your old phone to the storage media.
  3. Transfer the backup file from the storage media onto the new device.
  4. Once you have safely transferred your backup, you can install WhatsApp on your new BlackBerry 10 smartphone.
  5. Click Restore when prompted to restore your message history. Once restored, your old chats will reappear on your new smartphone.

WhatsApp Support Team