How do I manage Group Chats?

With WhatsApp Web, you can create and manage groups directly from your web browser.

To create a new group

  1. Click on the Menu icon.
  2. Click on New group.
  3. Click on Add group icon to add an image to your group.
  4. Click on Group subject to name your group. There’s a maximum character limit of 25 characters. You may also add emojis in your subject name by clicking on the Emojiicon on the right.

To manage your group

With your group selected, click on the title header to enter the Group Info screen.

  • To change the group icon, hover over the current group icon and click on Change group icon.
  • To change the subject, click on the Pencil icon.
  • To remove a participant or to select a group admin, hover over the participant’s name. Next, click on the drop down icon to select an action.

WhatsApp Support Team