How do I fix the Task Manager error?

There are three problems caused by 3rd party task managers (or also called task killers):

  • Specifically on Android 2.1, task killers can permanently disable WhatsApp. This will cause you to not receive your messages.
  • On all Android phones, task killers can temporarily disable WhatsApp. This causes WhatsApp to disconnect and reconnect to our server which drains the battery of your phone and uses unnecessary amounts of data.
  • On all Android phones, if the task killer closes the application, our server has no way of knowing that the connection is closed. This can impact message delivery. The message will be delivered, but it could be delayed by several minutes as a result.

Please delete your 3rd party task killer(s). Specifically check for:

  • Advanced Task Killer by ReChild
  • Advanced Task Manager by Cyrket / Arron
  • TasKiller by Cyrket / Arron
  • Task Manager by Adao

In Android 2.3 and later versions, many of the features of previous task killers are now part of the phone features. While we recommend against using task killers, if you wish to install one, please do so after you have completed the verification process in WhatsApp.

You should also check out this web page for a more detailed description of why you may not want to have a task killer on your phone.

WhatsApp Support Team