How can I invite my friends to join WhatsApp?

In order to chat with contacts on WhatsApp, everyone must have the application installed and their number verified on their phones. If some of your friends and family are not yet on WhatsApp, it is easy to invite them to join.

You can send a WhatsApp invitation via our Tell a Friend / Invite feature. This allows you to send an SMS or email with a link to the application. Depending on what phone you are using, you may also see an option to send an invitation on another messaging application, or to post a message on Facebook telling your friends about WhatsApp and directing them to a download link.

Note: If you choose the SMS option, standard SMS rates apply. We recommend that you make sure you have an adequate SMS plan with your provider before sending SMS invitations.

Not sure where to find this feature in WhatsApp?

  • Android: Tap on the Contacts tab. Then, scroll to the bottom and tap Invite friends.
  • iPhone: Tap Favorites and scroll down to the bottom of the screen. Then, tap Invite Friends to WhatsApp.
  • Windows Phone: Tap All and select the contact you wish to invite to WhatsApp. Tap More and then tap invite to whatsapp.
  • Nokia S40: Select All and click on the contact you wish to invite to WhatsApp. Then, select the contact's phone number and click on Invite.
  • BlackBerry: Select All Contacts. Then, click on the BlackBerry button and select Invite.
  • Nokia S60: Select Contacts and click on the contact you wish to invite to WhatsApp. Then, select Invite via SMS.
  • BlackBerry 10: Swipe down from the top of the screen and tap Tell A Friend.

WhatsApp Support Team