How can I change my WhatsApp phone number for BlackBerry?

If you changed your phone number and kept your same BlackBerry, you can change your number within WhatsApp. Before proceeding, make sure that your new number is activated on your phone and that you can receive SMS messages and phone calls.

This process will:

  • Delete the account associated with your old number, so your contacts will no longer see your old number in their lists of WhatsApp contacts.
  • Migrate your account payment status, groups, personal status and profile picture to the account with your new number.

Please follow these steps to change your account phone number:

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Select Account.
  3. Select Change My Number.
  4. Enter your old number and your new number, then click Change My Number.
  5. Follow the verification steps for your new number and receive your code via SMS or phone call.
  6. Your WhatsApp account is now verified with your new number!

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WhatsApp Support Team